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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pitching in extra

From the President's speech tonight:

What we’re talking about under a balanced approach is asking Americans whose incomes have gone up the most over the last decade -- millionaires and billionaires -- to share in the sacrifice everyone else has to make. And I think these patriotic Americans are willing to pitch in. In fact, over the last few decades, they’ve pitched in every time we passed a bipartisan deal to reduce the deficit.

It was a great speech -- one of his best -- which I hope everyone saw. If not, it can been seen or read here. And, that's enough punditry from me. People can get plenty of opinion and analysis elsewhere.

Instead, this is a suggestion that all of us pitch in something extra. Did you know you can voluntarily pay extra into the U.S. Treasury for the specific purpose of paying down the debt? Yeah, it's true. The easiest way is to make a donation at the Treasury's online form where they can zap whatever sum you designate right out of your checking account or credit card.

Do it. Do it once. Or do it every month. Pay an extra percentage of your income, or a percentage of the taxes you already pay. Or just a flat amount. Make it big, make it small. You decide. Just do it. Then we can get back to turning places like this into places like this, and many of the other things that are important to all of us.

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