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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday stuff


St. John's Hospital lit up for Real Men Wear Pink. Purple will do, too.

* Look at this chart of Wage Statistics for 2010 to find out what percentage of wage earners you fall into. And if you're one of the 81 who earn over fifty million a year (average 79,603,438.97!), please, please call me. I can help. (Thanks, Seth.)

* The SJ-R has an interesting article on the history of railroad relocation efforts in Springfield. All have failed, except for the current effort, which hasn't yet failed only because it's still ongoing. I remember the one from the 70s.

About ten or so years ago, I was working in the Bolt House (mouse over photo for current view). One sunny afternoon, I happened to look out the window and noticed an elderly couple standing on the sidewalk pointing at the house next door. I couldn't resist, so I went outside to see who they were and what they were doing there.

They lived in Portland, Oregon, had recently got married, and were traveling the country showing each other all the places they had lived. The wife had lived in the house next door as a young girl for a couple years in the 1940s. She was impressed that the place was still standing, even though it looked much different. She mentioned she had never been inside the building where I worked, so I gave them the tour.

As I walked them back out to their car, a long, loud, slow moving freight train went by on the Third Street tracks. One of them made the comment that they couldn't believe Springfield still had trains running through downtown. They said so many other towns had moved their train tracks to the outskirts. I just said, yeah, that's Springfield for you.

Every time since then when the topic of railroad relocation comes up around here, I always remember that conversation. And I wonder why it's been so impossible for Springfield to relocate the tracks.

* Speaking of railroads, it feels like there's a railroad spike sticking out the side of my skull.

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