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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tuesday thoughts


* Time to get out our long sleeves and sweaters. Next Several Days To Be Unseasonably Cold.

* I wish I could go to this: Afterlife Paranormal Conference and Film Festival at the old Portage. We used to go the Portage on lazy Sunday afternoons. I'm pretty sure that's where I saw Rocky III. It was two bus rides from my house to there. Afterwards, we'd sometimes stop at a little diner nearby for an open-faced roast beef or chicken and noodles or to share a big plate of fries or pie.

* American Airlines should have called me when their seats started coming loose. I've seen this done. I remember it like it was just yesterday.... It was a dark and stormy Friday night in the middle of winter, circa 1982. We were about to take off in a little puddle jumper (puddle being Lake Michigan) from O'Hare. I was in the very back row of the plane next to an almost seven foot tall basketball player type person. Because of his size, he had great difficulty folding himself into his seat. So, a couple airline employees came and removed the two seats ahead of us by unclamping them from the rails. Wow! And much better. Also on that flight, about halfway across the lake, the pilot announced we were going to be entering some turbulence. Soon thereafter, we hit some kind of air pocket and the plane dropped straight down 500 feet. Maybe more. And we were only cruising at about 12,000 feet. My seatmate, who I did not know before that night, let out a little scream and grabbed my arm. Then we laughed. Like I said, memorable.

* Speaking of basketball people, here's a nice little two minute video someone put together of the Chicago Bulls over the years.

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