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Friday, October 12, 2012

Complicated messages


Tonight on Wabash Avenue.

* Make sure to have a box of Kleenex nearby when you read this obituary: Eric Lomax, River Kwai Prisoner Who Forgave, Dies at 93. [Via.]

* It was when I was living in Chicago. I used to always check my paper money for drawings or messages. Getting messages on folding money was a lot more common in the big city than it is here in Springfield. One day I received a dollar bill with the words "Syrians for Syria" rubber stamped on it in green ink. It was a small stamp, about an inch long and an eighth of an inch high. It jolted me a little. It meant something, and I did not know what. I thought it must be important since someone went to the expense and trouble to have a rubber stamp made.

So, I folded the dollar and stuck it in a corner of my wallet and made a mental note to one day go to the library and do some research on Syrians for Syria. But, I was very busy, and while I did visit the library quite I often, I never made it to the reference section long enough to sit down and do any real research.

Then, one unfortunate evening when I was standing under the Fullerton L, waiting on the bus, with a seven month old baby on one hip, a diaper bag and my purse slung over my opposite shoulder, and my transfer in my hand, a thief slipped his hand in my purse and lifted my wallet. It was noisy and I was exhausted and the baby was getting heavier by the minute. I didn't feel my wallet leaving my purse. I didn't know it until I got home. I lost my driver's license, my social security card, some pictures, about sixty dollars, and that single.

But, I never forgot Syrians for Syria.

* Not just Syrians for Syria - Slideshow.

* A Vogue journalist tells the story behind the story:

The entire back half of the apartment was glass, rising from the lower level through the main reception floor above, and perhaps even farther up. Other residential buildings with hundreds of windows had an unobstructed view of the Assads’ doings. The apartment was like a custom-built habitat in which a rich first family could go about its domestic life in front of a large audience. (Syria's Fake First Family.)

* Syria and the moral decline of the American Left.

* I couldn't help but notice in last night's vice presidential debate, that Paul Ryan, when asked what a Romney administration would do about Syria, twice answered by saying we should never have referred to Assad as a reformer. Maybe so. However, it's more complicated than that, which he knows. But he doesn't have a better answer.

* Secret Israel-Syria Peace Talks Involved Golan Heights Exit. Brokered by the United States. In 2010.

* Lots of messages. I can't tell you what to believe. But, I'm certain the Syrians are people just like us and they're wondering what we're going to do and when.

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