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Thursday, October 18, 2012

For the loser now


* Spring Street. I go out of my way everyday just to gaze upon this wonder of nature.

* I've been blogging on this domain for over ten years. I started out hand coding my blog posts. Switched to Blogger. Switched back to hand coding. Went with MovableType, which I've been using since September 2012.

I used to check my stats everyday. Sometimes several times a day. These days, not so much. But I did just now. There have been just under a million visitors. Actually, it's probably more, but I don't have stats for the first couple years. The senior pranks post gets the most hits (thanks, Wikipedia). The Lake Club post is next up for the most hits.

Where am I going with this? Oh yeah, due to lack of care on my part in recent years, so much is broken on the backend. And, as of yesterday, I inadvertently turned off commenting and can't seem to get it back without totally breaking the main code. I feel a change coming. Maybe. In the meantime, if anyone needs to say something here, email me or blog it, and I'll try to remember to check my stats.

* Your Benghazi reader.

* Tagg Team: The Romney Family Recipe for Crony Capitalism.

* So, you've done this huge thing for your country where you lost both your legs, nearly lost your right arm, not to mention almost losing your life. Now you're running for congress. And at the debates they question your service to your country and haul out a photo of you shopping for clothes. Unbelievable. Would they do this if you were a man? Definitely not. I wish I was in your district so I could vote for you, Tammy Duckworth. Keep fighting.

* "The day after he was in Springfield the president’s press secretary announced that Kennedy suffered from an “upper respiratory infection” and abruptly cancelled the rest of his trip. The president returned to Washington." President Kennedy, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Springfield.

* Will be later to win.

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