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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday night thoughts



* As "whom" goes, we all go. [Via.] I cringe when I hear myself using "who" when I should use "whom." I cringe a lot.

* Photos: When presidential candidates came to Springfield.

* You know how when you cross the streams, you get total protonic reversal? Well, stand back as I tempt the fates and see if the crossing of the streams also applies to crossing a blog with facebook comments. The following comments are just a few from a lengthy Facebook thread, which I would not usually be privy to, except for the fact that one of my best friends left a comment on it. I couldn't comment there, so I'm commenting here. See ya on the other side, Ray.

Gotta convince the people downstate to get out and vote to defeat the Chicago machine. [There are no statewide races this year. So, downstater’s will be voting for downstaters. And if by machine you mean Obama, you have not been paying attention. - me]
it's also key making sure that voters (both legal and illegal) do not show up at the polling stations in Cook County. [How do you propose keeping legal voters from showing up? - me]
The two parties are finished. This is a watershed moment in history. The people electing Romney, hate him and the only reason they are voting for him is that they fear Obama more. [Since this thread was pretty much an anti-Obama cheerleading section, no one paid attention to this third-party guy. - me]
today I was in Gary getting a part for an old car, it was a no man's land as bad a some sections of Detroit. [Welcome to the cycle of life in Gary, Indiana. - me]
Yes Gary is Horrible, you need to be very careful through there. I am pretty sure they have a Democratic mayor :~) this may be the reason for all the poverty there :/
Quinn and the union thugs, along with an army of volunteers from Indiana, stole the Governor's election with hundreds of fraudulent votes for him, plain and simple. watched it happen on election day when dozens of people I had never seen in my life showed up in my pct., claimed to be so-and-so "active voter" in the book, and were allowed to vote without showing ID.
the current governor won illinois with only three counties, the only county south of chicago was alexander. [Counties don't vote in Illinois. People do. -- me]
Seriously? This is a pipe dream. Obama has the election (& certainly IL) wrapped up. [Correct. -- me]

* CIA documents supported Susan Rice’s description of Benghazi attacks.

* A 13 minute documentary about political surrogates, featuring Cory Booker and our own Aaron Shock: Make It Count: Electing America's Next President. [Via.] I would like to take this opportunity to predict that someday, when he's old enough, we will see Aaron Shock run for president. Perhaps even against Cory Booker.

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