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Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Eve 2012


My little friend.

* On this, the eve of our election, I have a few things I want to say, class. Class? Class! SHUT-UP! Thank you. (Even after 34 years, that still hasn't gotten old. Apparently, the kids who made the video think so, too.)

* First, I present my dream car. Well, one of 'em. If Mitt Romney "takes this country back," we better damn well see these rolling off the production line, again. And be able to afford one. And there better be lots of cheap gas so we can fill up the tank and go on joy rides.

* Next, to the local race for Sangamon County State's Attorney. On the off, off, off chance John Milhiser is defeated by Ron Stradt, it will be the first time since before 1951 this county has elected a Democrat to that seat.

I know this because I wrote to the Sangamon County Clerk, and posed the question, "I would like to know the last year Sangamon County elected a Democrat to the Office of State's Attorney, and who that was." Someone from his staff replied with, "We have researched as far back as 1951 and could not find a Democrat elected to that position." And then she directed me to other places where I could research the question before 1951. But, I think that's enough. Sixty-one years. That's a lifetime.

Apparently, I'm the only one who thinks it's important part of the balance of power that there be a certain back and forth between the political parties being elected to a political office. I know I'm the only one who thinks this because everyone I've mentioned it to acts as if it's no big deal.

* Here is a single page PDF of the United States that you can print-out and color in with blue and red markers (or crayons, if you're of that political persuasion) as the results come in tomorrow night. Please note this from a 1992 fifth grade homework assignment, so the electoral college numbers may have changed. I thought it was excellent. And cute.

* Today a conservative acquaintance was complaining about the "hate and lies" being directed at his candidate over the last couple months. And he just couldn't believe it or understand where it was coming from. I said welcome to our world. Liberals have endured the same kind of thing being hurled at our candidate for the last four years. He didn't like hearing that very much.

* When I got home tonight I caught part of Mitt Romney's speech from today. He was touting the notion that if he becomes president, he will reach across the aisle. And then he said that if President Obama is re-elected, Obama won't be able to do that. Let that sink in. The leader of the Republican party is laying out a course of obstructionism for the next four years. That is so wrong.

* Which brings me to my final point on this election eve, I want to say that if Mitt Romney does win the election, I hope our side is more gracious, forthcoming and open to working with them than they have been to us. Yes, we could adopt as our own their playbook from the last four years. Who would blame us, if we did. But, I don't think we should. Or would.

Posted by Marie at November 5, 2012 9:31 PM