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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday sundries


Fifth and Cook.

Some things I read this week:

* Obama's kill list policy compels US support for Israeli attacks on Gaza.

* How Israel shattered Gaza truce leading to escalating death and tragedy: a timeline.

* "Personal finance is a national-security issue. Too much debt, or debt that goes unpaid, doesn't just wreck a credit score - it also reduces a person's security clearance."

* FBI investigation of Broadwell reveals bureau’s comprehensive access to electronic communications.

* What High School Taught Millennials About the War on Terrorism.

* Lies My History Teacher Told Me About the War on Terror.

* An open letter to Rep. Joe Kennedy on seizing the copyright initiative.

* FactCheck.org on Obama’s ‘Sealed’ Records.

* Rep. Bobby Schilling's farewell to the old 17th District of Illinois.

* If you read nothing else on this list, read this: Bomb Disposal Expert Takes His Last ‘Lonely Walk.’

* Not reading, but listening to the beautiful sound of a Barred Owl as recorded out in the country (direct link to mp3). We do get barred owls passing through my neighborhood several times a year. But, because of the buzzing of the street lights and the cars and trucks barreling down I-72 (even at a good two miles from my house), and other city sounds, the owl's sound is never this loud and clear. Amazing. (Warning: Do not play this back in the presence of cats, small dogs or hamsters.)

Posted by Marie at November 18, 2012 8:23 PM