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Friday, November 23, 2012

It is the evening of the day


Over the 10th street field tonight.

* Black Friday past.

* This doesn't happen everyday: A man was arrested for two separate crimes that happened in two different places, but at the exact same time. (P.S. It's time to stop drinking and driving. P.P.S. This would have never happened in Springfield, where they tow your car when you get a DUI.)

* Feelin' right at home at Ruttin' Buck Lodge:

Standing out on the deck at night, when the Orion is high and bright in the southeastern sky, it’s the night sky hunters in this neck of the woods have seen for a thousand years. It’s a link in the chain that connects all of us over time. Once in a while, someone finds an arrowhead that reminds us how real that connection really is.

* Southtown Star columnist, Phil Kadner comes to Springfield: Lincoln’s Tomb a reminder of his life.

* More fallout from Hostess Bakery shutting down: Anyone Need 900 Tons of Wheat Flour?

* Video: BNSF Deadhead Move for Larry's Truck & Electric. Story: What’s This? A Train of Locomotives?

* I posted this on Facebook yesterday: An American Thanksgiving scene: Single father in his hunting camo, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. It's his visitation day with the kids and they're on their way to his mom's for Thanksgiving dinner. He's holding his little four year old girl's hand, while she chatters non-stop about the leaves and birds and squirrels. The two older kids, a boy of about nine and a girl about ten are bringing up the rear as they mercilessly punch each other about the chest, neck and face.

* I sit and watch the children play. (As sung by a slightly unnerved (or is it amazed), but professional, Mick Jagger, with Keith Richards on acoustic guitar, on stage at the Ed Sullivan. Just two guys sitting on chairs singing a song. They are both going to be 70 next year. I don't think they knew then that they'd have us eating out of the palm of their hands for the next 50 plus years.)

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