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Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday five





1. I've been following with great interest the financial problems facing Springfield's public school district, and I am reminded of the problems the same district faced when I was in school there. One of the current problems is whether or not to cut high school schedules from seven hours (classes) a day, to six, to save money. When I was in high school, freshman and sophomores went to school from noon to 5:00 p.m., and juniors and seniors went from 7:00 a.m. to noon. Those were five class days, with no room for an extra class before or after school.


That is a little not-to-scale sketch I made of the layout of at least two of my classrooms during my high school years. The teacher's desk is obvious. Each "S" represents a student's desk. The space between those two lines down the left side represents the hallway. Despite the "split shifts," the classes were that overcrowded. Today's problems got nothing on that. My school, by the way, which was about two years old when I first went there, was built to alleviate the overcrowding problem.

2. Because there can never be too many words to describe a single thing: Intoxerated: The Definitive Drinker’s Dictionary, by Paul Dickson, illustrations by Brian Rea.

Intoxerated is the largest collection of synonyms for a single word ever assembled!
And what word might that be, you ask?
Drunk. Also, blitzed, roasted, whazood, stinko, and Boris Yeltsinned.
Paul Dickson — wise-guy lexicographer and Guinness Book of World Records champ for “Most Synonyms” — breaks his own world record with 2,985 synonyms for various states of intoxication.

3. For the writers amongst us: Yes, Your Submission Phobia is Holding You Back.

4. Beautiful. And amazing: Ferocious Flowers.

5. There's a new bird in town: Feathered travelers a new sight for local eyes.

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