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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Just like the ones I used to know


This morning.

* Over this past weekend, 29 U-Haul trucks had their catalytic converters stolen at two stores in town.

* A media mogul is set to add the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times to his personal empire. And the band played on.

* The last dive bar.....

It's Friday night at Steve's Place, one of the oldest, loneliest dive bars in Detroit. It manages to be both legendary and obscure, a place that most people have heard of but not many visit, except those loyal few who check in now and then to see if its elderly proprietors are still improbably in place behind the bar.
His solitude is finally interrupted as an elderly man wearing a thick coat and furry hat walks in and sits at the bar. Steve unfolds himself from his seat, shuffles achingly and slowly around the long bar and then behind it, and greets his customer, a longtime regular. The man orders a can of Pabst. Steve inches forward again, one tiny sliding step at a time, to one of the coolers. He grabs the beer, rings up the sale on the ancient metal cash register and works his way back to the customer.
Then it's a long, slow journey back to his seat, where he gets back under his thick blanket and stares blankly forward, toward the jukebox, and the old cigarette machine, and the door that rarely swings open.

I think I've been there. In better times.

* Speaking of Detroit, here's our beloved Iggy Pop giving what may be the best delivery of White Christmas ever. To my ears, at least.

Posted by Marie at December 6, 2012 10:29 PM