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Saturday, December 08, 2012

I'm running out of titles


Like a drive-in movie where there's a different show everyday.

* Every time I read about how the town comptroller of tiny Dixon, Illinois, helped herself to $53 million dollars from the town's treasury over a 20 year period, I always wonder, how much revenue could a town that size take in during a year. Apparently, it was more than enough that no one noticed.

I'm sure the people of Dixon will always remember this side note: "Dixon closed its public swimming pool for lack of funds while her private pool was being built." (Photos of her lavish lifestyle as U.S. Marshals auction off everything she owns.)

* What Was That? This story sent chills up my spine.

* Forty years ago today: United Flight 553

* From the still in development, "Conversations Overheard at the Courthouse:"

The scene: A bright, sunny Central Illinois day at the Menard County Courthouse, where Abraham Lincoln and many other circuit riders, walkers, and drivers since him, practiced law.

The players: Chicago attorney, Springfield attorney.

The time: Present day.

Waiting for judge, making small talk, Chicago giddily says: I got a zip car, which I get to keep until 10:00 tonight.

Springfield: What’s a zip car?

Chicago [incredulous]: You don’t have zip cars down here? How do you get to court if it’s out of town?

Springfield: _________________

Feel free to complete the rest of that scene.

* Best remix of a 1937 Irving Berlin song: Kay Starr - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Stuhr Remix) 2003.

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