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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sundays in December


Stray beer cooler. Monroe Street. I successfully resisted the urge to look inside.

* Before we got the mall almost 40 years ago, Sunday afternoons in December were a happening, bustling time in downtown Springfield. The buses were running, and it seemed a lot colder. The stores were crowded with Christmas shoppers:

  • Myers Brothers department store (my favorite store and I still have dreams about this place)
  • Bressmer's department store
  • S.A. Barker's fine clothing for ladies (at the mall in name only, different owner, shoes only now
  • Roland's for women's clothing
  • The Bootery
  • Arch Wilson for fine men's clothing
  • The Hub for men and boys
  • Robert's Brothers for men
  • Tiskos Furniture (did I spell that right?)
  • Wolfson's Furniture
  • Fishman's Sporting Goods

And a few more that I forgot. I would like for today's shoppers to experience that time. It was fun and the people were friendly as they moved from store to store with their rosy cheeks. But it is gone forever, as I was reminded when I took a spin through downtown this afternoon.

Posted by Marie at December 9, 2012 8:25 PM