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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Give me pennies


Today's sunrise from a different place at 7:00 a.m. The railroad crossing arms were frozen in the down position and the signals were going, even though there was no train in sight, just before my usual location when I got there this morning. I could have gone around and between the crossing arms, but I made a U-turn and went the long way. Hence, the later time and different place for today's photo.

* Flashback Springfield: Jan. 21, 1968:

The Sunday edition of The State Journal-Register reported that attacks by North Vietnamese Army forces on a U.S. Marine combat base at Khe Sanh had broken out early the day before. It was the beginning of a 77-day siege on the base: the Battle of Khe Sanh.
Estimates of U.S. soldiers killed or wounded range widely, but it was one of the most deadly battles of the war.
Analysts say the fighting distracted U.S. military leaders from a buildup of North Vietnamese forces in urban areas of South Vietnam. In a massive coordinated surprise operation 10 days later on Jan. 31, an estimated 70,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces attacked more than 100 cities and towns in South Vietnam. It is known as the Tet Offensive.

I remember this well. By this time, I was reading the paper pretty much cover to cover, except for the sports section, and we were all glued to the evening news. I was in the middle of sixth grade at Harvard Park. My teacher was Joe Hebron, who saved me from a career of hating school. (Due to some unfortunate incidents and two teachers who took it upon themselves to make my life miserable, I just barely scraped by passing fourth and fifth grades. But that's another story for another day.)

* The Graduate was the top grossing film for the week ending January 21, 1968. Try as I might, I wouldn't see it until well into my adult years.

* Pittsburgh's Top 40 for the week ending January 21, 1968. (I couldn't find anything closer to home, so this'll do just fine.)

* I'll take anything. Now listen while I play my green tambourine.

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