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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Because the past is just a good-bye


This morning on Dirksen Parkway.




I think this purple moon effect was caused by me draining the memory on my phone a couple days ago. Whatever it is, I like it. We're in a full moon right now, by the way.

* I've had a few calls about a few of my blog posts over the years. Usually, they go, "ha ha, funny," or "cute" or the dreaded "TAKE MY NAME OFF YOUR EFFING BLOG." I got one today that brought me to tears....

Ring ring.
Her: Are you the same Marie Carnes that writes articles?
Me: I have a blog, yes.
Her: Did you write an article about voting rights of felons in Illinois?
Me: Well, it wasn't really an article. I just touched on the subject.
Her: It really helped someone in my family. Thank you.

There was a lot more to it (the whole story). It just really touched my heart that something I wrote was read by someone who was able to put it to good use. And then they told me about it, while sharing their own story. Thank you.

* Teach your children well..........

Posted by Marie at January 26, 2013 10:24 PM