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Sunday, February 03, 2013

I'm skipping the Superbowl




A new medical facility on Second Street. If all that iron looks pink, it's because it is. The medical industry in Springfield is growing by leaps and bounds.

* While some people took U.S. Senator Mark Kirk's op-ed in today's Washington Post as an opportunity to make partisan jabs, I found it to be very inspiring. He is a young man, with a very bright political future. And then he had a stroke. They had to cut part of his skull away. As part of his recovery, he went through rehab almost everyday for most of a year at the best rehabilitation hospital in the country. He may never be 100% physically, but mentally, he's back. And forever changed. I wish him only the very best.

* If you have to rely on Medicaid for your medical bills, and you have a stroke in Illinois, you get 11 rehab visits. Not sure about other insurance.

* This is a must read (including the comments) for anyone who got sucked into the story that Ronald Reagan's boyhood home in Chicago is going to be plowed over for a parking lot for Barack Obama's presidential library: Anatomy of a bogus story.

* Aaron Schock said many interesting things at a Springfield restaurant this week. But let's just go with this one thing for right now:

In some closely contested states last year, “our base didn’t turn out,” Schock said, noting that fewer white men in Ohio voted for MITT ROMNEY than had cast ballots four years earlier for JOHN McCAIN. That should be considered, he said, even “before we start having the discussion about Latinos and African-Americans and woman and young people.”
Schock discusses GOP strategy, same-sex marriage.

This is too easy. Go for it. Your party should spend its time and efforts shoring up the white male vote, while the rest of the country gets down to business and moves on. This is what you've been doing. It's not really working. I'm sure someone high up in the RNC thinks this is brilliant, has spread the word, and the worker bees, not wanting to face the facts, are running with it. Do you not see a problem with that?

* Shout out to the guy who was using his industrial size leaf blower to blow away a very thin layer of powdery snow this morning. I like to do fun things, too.

* Heard this on NPR this morning: George Carlin on baseball versus football. Hilarious!

* Winter at Starved Rock State Park in beautiful photos.

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