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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I met him there in a border town


Stevenson Drive.

* Important to know: Pot Legalization Bills Introduced, and Why Congress Will Not Legalize Pot.

* Orders of protection—The most “abused” area of the law? This is a topic the we wrestle with on what seems to be an increasing basis at my job. The article offers some good suggestions for future policy changes.

* Excellent article: Springfield Rail Consolidation, No Comparison to Lafayette, Indiana Project.

* The only Springfield resident to ever win a world boxing championship was Johnnie Connors who won the flyweight title in 1894. He did some other things, too, which are detailed in this story about his house, which recently suffered a major fire. I hope they can save it.

* Wayward and restless:

Three boys were being held by police for breaking the window of a grocery store owned by Mrs. Ida Hawley at 119 E. Calhoun Ave., and escaping with $1.75 in pennies. Police found the boys, ages 12, 13 and 8 years, loitering in the neighborhood.
While in custody, the boys described a mini crime spree, admitting to breaking into and stealing candy, cigarettes and a gun from Lauterbach Brothers Grocery, 121 North Grand Ave. W.; 10 or 12 pennies from Knoedler Bakery at 1121 N. First St.; and $8 from Cantrall Grocery at Second Street and North Grand Avenue.
They also tried to break into the George Hammond Cigar Factory, 420 N. First Street but were frightened away after breaking the front window.
Flashback Springfield: Feb. 4, 1927

Springfield had a cigar factory?

* He vowed we'd never part. Though he tried his best to settle down, I'm now alone with a broken heart. And the wayward wind is a restless wind....

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