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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Straight up


Today's sunrise. No wind.

* Suntimes: Exelon’s John Rowe makes business case for immigration reform (reg. req.):

With the debate on immigration reform set to heat up, Exelon Corp. Chairman Emeritus John Rowe says he sees an economic and moral case for reform, and he sees it through the eyes of children.
They are children at Chicago schools he has long been involved in, schools where a significant number of the children are undocumented, Rowe told attendees at an immigrant integration symposium in Chicago on Wednesday.
Rowe and his wife are principal funders and volunteers at Rowe-Clark Math and Science Academy and Rowe Elementary School, Chicago charter schools that teach low-income children in tough neighborhoods.
“How would you feel when a 16-year-old boy or girl looks you in the eye and says ‘Mr. Rowe, can I really go to college and get a good job, and you have to answer, ‘I can help you go to college but I can’t hire you.’”

And this:

There are false assumptions concerning immigration, he said, including the belief that “the pie is a fixed size and that we’re all fighting over slices of an existing pie. I think the deeper reality is that dedicated people make the pie grow. That includes all of our last generation of immigrants … and it includes the current generation of immigrants.”

I am so proud of John Rowe. We need more people like him who can lay out, in reasonable terms, the case for immigration reform.

Posted by Marie at February 6, 2013 10:14 PM