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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Everything is everything


Fourth District Appellate Court of Illinois. Monroe Street.

* From the U.S. Courts website, with documents and discussions: Ex parte Merryman and Debates on Civil Liberties During the Civil War .

* Remote cameras latest tool for police in Springfield. My first reaction: This is creepy. My second reaction: What a great audience to practice your cartwheels in front of. My third reaction: I'm reserving my reaction until I see how they use it. My daughter Laura, who lives in a semi-high crime area, wants the police to put the action on the web so everyone can watch what happens in real time.

* Speaking of drones, how much does this creep you out? A lot.

* Lost sailor's WW II Purple Heart finally returned

The Helena had been damaged in the attack on Pearl Harbor, but was repaired and on duty in the Pacific by 1942. In a letter home, Earnie said his job was “bomb juggler.” It’s believed he loaded bombs onto planes. Earlier in 1943, he had broken his arm and leg, but a few months later had written to his parents, Charlie and Della, that he was back on duty.
His ship’s final action was at the Battle of Kula Gulf, Solomon Islands, on July 6, 1943. The Helena was hit by torpedoes and sunk. About 750 crew members were eventually rescued. Earnie was not one of them.

You might want to read that one in the privacy of your own home, as opposed to work or Starbucks, if you're prone to bouts of emotion.

* In case you missed out on all the happiness, this is what love looks like.

* Finally, has anyone else noticed the tree branches have turned from a grayish brown to a reddish brown? This was today after temperatures in the 40s and about 12 hours of rain. For as much as I try to pretend not to be bothered by winter, I really do get excited about spring.

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