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Monday, March 11, 2013

For so many years


Ash Street this morning.



Odwalla. It was good.

* Just one example of what they're doing with your data:

Some firms piece together scores by analysing applicants’ online social networks. Professional contacts on LinkedIn are especially revealing of an applicant’s “character and capacity” to repay, says Navin Bathija, the founder of Neo, a start-up that assesses the creditworthiness of car-loan applicants. Neo’s software helps determine if applicants’ claimed jobs are real by looking, with permission, at the number and nature of LinkedIn connections to co-workers. It also estimates how quickly laid-off employees will land a new job by rating their contacts at other employers. (Economist: Lenders are turning to social media to assess borrowers.)

* Ten Things the Credit Bureaus WON'T Say.

* One day last week when I arrived at work, the parking lot between my car and the sidewalk to the building was covered in ice. As I got out of the car, I said to myself, you gotta be careful, so you don’t slip and fall and break your neck. I got all the way to the curb of the sidewalk without incident. But, apparently, I forgot how to step up on that curb, which I’ve stepped onto hundreds of times, because I tripped and fell on that curb. Fortunately, no harm was done, and I only lost a few drops out of my chai.

When I got to my desk, I said to myself, after the morning you’ve already had, this is going to be the best chai ever, so mellow, so deserved. And I put my lips to the lid, tipped it back, and DAMN IT THOSE FUCKERS! They gave me a freaking hazelnut macchio triple shot something. I can’t even swallow that stuff. In my struggle to maintain an even keel, I laughed.

And the day went on like that.

* Tethered to a ringing telephone.

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