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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Saturday night


* As someone who tries to keep an eye on anything happening with Abraham Lincoln in the news, I always watch with awe as people spend millions to amass collections of Lincoln artifacts and documents, and then turn around and sell it for millions more. Sometimes these collections get sold to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Occasionally, we hear of someone finding a Lincoln document in an old box of junk they inherited, and then they sell it at auction for big bucks. Rarely these days do we hear of someone giving away their Lincoln collection for the public good. But it does happen:

Six Generations of an Illinois Family: Two Abraham Lincoln Letters, One Gift!
When Thomas Kenney of Massachusetts accepted 160 acres in Illinois from President James Monroe in 1818 as partial thanks for his service in the War of 1812, he set the later owners of that land along a path to local notoriety and friendship with a giant — Abraham Lincoln. Now the historic treasures of John Hake of Delray Beach, Florida, the last of one line of that family, have come to the ALPL Foundation.
“It was important to Jack Hake that his collection be publicly accessible, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library is the perfect place to fulfill his wishes. The collection will play an integral role in furthering the good work that the Museum and Library does on a daily basis,” said Fred MacLean, long-time friend, attorney, and personal representative of his estate.

Bravo! And thank you.

* Stunning Military Photographer of the Year pictures show the many sides of war.

* A herd of deer at the bird feeder. Wow!

* The beauty that is heavy equipment rolling across the prairie on rails. Love that sound, too.

* And I ain't got nobody.

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