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Friday, April 05, 2013

Splashes on a stone


Sunrise from this morning.


I have no idea what happened here, because after sitting through too many lights where only one car (or no cars) went through on green, and with no traffic control by the personnel on the scene, I made a U-turn and hot footed it out of there.

* The ATF Wants ‘Massive’ Online Database to Find Out Who Your Friends Are.

* The State of Illinois is starting to let journalists tour state prisons. DoC still working out policy for former Tamms prisoners.

* Omaha.com: U.P. executive named to Lincoln board:

A Union Pacific Railroad executive has been appointed to the board of directors for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation based in Springfield, Ill.
Board officials named Robert W. Turner to the post last month. He’ll serve a three-year term.

* SJ-R: Union Pacific donates $500,000 to Lincoln Presidential Library:

Union Pacific Corp., the railroad Abraham Lincoln helped create, is donating a half-million dollars to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation.
The foundation will use the donation for general support of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.
“It is an honor to support an outstanding organization which is intensely focused on preserving the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln,” said Bob Turner, senior vice president-corporate relations for the Union Pacific Corp. “We are committed to meeting the challenge given to Union Pacific more than 150 years ago by President Lincoln himself — to connect and support the transportation needs of the United States.”
Lincoln established the original Union Pacific by signing the Pacific Railway Act of July 1, 1862. The act authorized the issuance of government bonds and grants of Western land to railroad companies — the Union Pacific and Central Pacific (later Southern Pacific) — and prompted construction of the transcontinental railroad, which opened the West to commerce and development.

Some towns appreciate the railroad. Springfield, in general, does not, which is too bad. With the latest fight over more trains coming through town, our government leaders have worked so hard to convince the citizens that it's us against the Union Pacific. You can't live in a railroad town without, at some point, having disputes with the railroad. But, that doesn't mean they are the enemy. Maybe this investment in the library will change things. Big maybe.

* Lake Springfield becoming top bass lake. We've been bass fishing on Lake Springfield since forever. But, I don't ever remember any tournaments back in those days.

* Audit finds lack of mine inspectors in Illinois:

State auditors say the Illinois Department of Natural Resources didn't employ enough mine-safety inspectors the past two years to comply with state law.
An Illinois Auditor General's report released Thursday says the department had 10 inspectors for more than 40 mines. The state Coal Mining Act calls for at least 16 inspectors.

For a state that supposedly just loves to tax anything and everything, we still are not taxing Illinois coal that is exported to other states and foreign lands. Why is that? Is it too much to ask that the coal companies at least pay enough to support their own regulation?

* Decatur to lose even more jobs as Cat layoffs announced.

* The Question: Your favorite Rolling Stones song? Explain. The answers can be found in the amazing comments.

* The answers to most of life's questions can be found in the words to a song, mostly by the Rolling Stones. And sometimes you know the answer before you hear the question.

* Our love is like our music. Its here, and then its gone.

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