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Monday, April 08, 2013

Jump up and down


The flowers are starting.


Look who has his own wifi.


Two weeks ago we had 18-1/2 inches of snow. Now we're having 82 degree temperatures. I'm sure that has never happened before. Probably anywhere.

* Last of the trawler men in photos. "Global warming has expanded fish habitats northward, causing fish stocks to sometimes disappear for weeks on end."

* California Jammin’:

If you had picked up a newspaper on the morning of Monday, April 8, 1974, you would have read about the latest developments in the ever-growing web of scandals around President Richard Nixon that would lead to his resignation in August. Government officials were urging energy conservation measures in the face of the first oil shock. The minimum wage was about to be raised to $2.30 an hour. On the sports page, Hank Aaron’s chase of the all-time home run record was the big story. (He would hit #715 that night.) But if you opened the paper to an inside page, you would probably have seen an article about a major rock festival that had taken place in California the preceding Saturday: California Jam.

* SJ-R: Flashback Springfield: April 8, 1974.

* Backing up five days to April 3, 1974. I remember it like it was just yesterday.... It was a little after five in the evening. My dad was sitting at his place at the table, and my mom at hers. I was standing at the corner of the table between them, probably regaling them with stories of my day and waiting for something to get done on the stove. My brother was still at school. Suddenly the glasses in the china cabinet behind my mom started making little clanging noises. Then the whole house was shaking. And then my dad started yelling, as only my dad could or would, for me to stop shaking the house. And then it stopped. By this time in my life, I was practiced in the arts of not throwing a fit every time he threw a fit (especially the uncalled for ones), so I just laughed and said, it's an earthquake. And everyone laughed. There might have been an aftershock a few minutes later, if my memory is right.

* In April of 1974, I was a senior in high school, going to school from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., and all but working full time. But, that's a story for another day.

* In my blue suede shoes. Hey kid, rock and roll, rock on. Thanks, 1974.

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