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Friday, April 12, 2013

Wild thing


The days are getting longer on both ends. And that's about as early as I can get out there to find the first rays.

* Flashback Springfield: Douglass visit stirs racial pot.

* The Lies of a Tar Sands Spill — Take Two

* Shooting protected birds is a crime. Prevent conflicts: Keep people and wildlife safe.

* George Little: Magazine ads spark memories:

The ads in the back were as captivating as the true-life adventures. You could take correspondence courses to learn to become a gunsmith, a diesel mechanic, or even go to barber college and get a license without ever snipping a hair. You could send off for an Army surplus Jeep, a “fully automated” target thrower, the latest innovation from Fred Bear called a “recurved bow,” waterproof gun cases and inflatable life rafts. Shipping and handling (for everything but the Jeep) was about $1.95 and delivery took six to eight weeks.

* In other wildlife news, our neighborhood is thick with rabbits. So thick, a little one ran out from under my car and across my foot this morning. This has happened before. I'm not complaining. I'd take a warren of rabbits any day over one possum or raccoon.

* I think I love you.

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