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Friday, April 19, 2013

The sound of strangers



* 50 years later, a look at what really sank the Thresher.

* Before we had MREs, K-rations, C-rations, and a few other things, we had real food on the battle field:

One staple of the Union soldier’s diet was hardtack, a flour-and-water biscuit that was hardened to a rock-like texture. Because it could be stored for long periods of time, hardtack often became infested with weevils and worms. One solution was to soften it in coffee.
“The bugs floated to the surface. Skim off the weevils, drink the coffee and you’re good for another day,” said re-enactor Troy Gilmore of Springfield.
Civil War soldiers made meals with just a few ingredients (with recipes).

* Sending nothing to my mind. Just another mad, mad day on the road......

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