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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes you feel like trouble


I took a few pictures of green grass and blue skies today, maybe a few other things, but this is more in line with how I feel. How I am.

* From the Department of Practice What You Preach:

The city of Springfield is holdings its 21st annual Earth Fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Union Station Park between Fifth and Sixth streets and Madison and Jefferson streets.
The 2013 event is called “Zero Waste Challenge,” and both vendors and attendees will be asked to refrain from creating waste by being aware of what they bring to the event and focusing on its end use.
The goal is to create no waste by reusing, recycling and composting.
Earth Day events begin Monday

If the City of Springfield really cares about waste, it should create a system where customers of City Water Light and Power can get their bills online or via email, if they want. Currently, the bills come in the mail, together with at least one insert and a return envelope. People and companies that have more that one account get separate envelopes, bills, inserts and return envelopes for each account. This is a total waste of paper and landfill space. The phone company, gas company and cable company have this service, but for some unknown reason CWLP does not.

* Photo of the weekend: @capitolfax: @GovernorQuinn's helicopter lands on wet N Aurora ground, sinks: pic.twitter.com/oM6LVk6lpa

* That's all right, that's all right, that's all right.
Sometimes you feel like trouble, sometimes you feel down.
Let this music relax you mind, let this music relax you mind.
Stand up and be counted, can I get a witness.
Sometimes you need somebody, if you have somebody to love.
Sometimes you ain't got nobody and you want somebody to love.
Then you don't want to walk and talk about Jesus,
You just want to see his face.
You don't want to walk and talk about Jesus,
You just want to see his face.

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