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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday sometimes




* The Area:

Several years ago, transportation company Norfolk Southern initiated an expansion of its 47th Street Terminal by covertly buying property in the northeast corner of Englewood. Since the plans were publicized in September 2011, residents have been living on borrowed time, maintaining friendships and traditions while struggling with new problems in their vanishing community. This short is the first piece of a feature-length documentary about the neighborhood and its confrontation with the pressures of contemporary transportation infrastructure.


* Retired Justice O'Connor: Bush v. Gore 'stirred up the public'.

* Will the Bush Library Address Torture? Americans should be outraged if it doesn’t. [Via.]

* Another tick-borne disease:

Now another tick-borne illness is surfacing. Babesiosis is spreading through the Midwest. This disease is similar in many ways to Lyme disease, but babesiosis does not have Lyme disease’s “bull’s eye rash” and it requires a different treatment. Those affected may develop a fever, chills and joint pain several weeks after the bite. People who have had their spleen removed or those with impaired immune systems can become very ill. For those people, babesiosis can be fatal if left untreated.

This is why I could never live in the woods. Also, I knew someone who died a slow, agonizing death from Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

* Nature Conservancy: Wildlife areas can help store flood water:

The levee was built to protect land for farming after the Thompson Lake was drained in the 1920s. It can withstand river levels of 27 feet. The previous record flood level, in 1943, was 27.1 feet. According to the National Weather Service, the Illinois River at Havana stood at 27.75 feet Thursday afternoon.

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