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Sunday, May 05, 2013

End of weekend stuff




* The Union Pacific wrote a letter to the editor to address some concerns in a previous letter to the editor by someone else: Here's the best part:

In closing, I want to remind readers that UP’s presence in Illinois is vital to the local and national economies. Last year, UP alone spent $2 billion in purchases in Illinois, and invested $215 million in UP’s infrastructure in the state through private investment, not taxpayer dollars. Approximately 4,000 Union Pacific employees, with an annual payroll of $356 million, are proud to call Illinois home.

Maybe this will calm down some of the anti-railroad sentiment that has bubbled up in this town. Maybe.

* May is invasive species awareness month:

* Do this the next time you're driving down the highway: Rantoul Fisher, meet Onarga Roberts.

* Want.

* Sullivan told the audience, “You’re screaming much better this year.”

* The more I try to catch the carefree life, the more it eludes me.

Posted by Marie at May 5, 2013 9:11 PM