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Friday, May 17, 2013



With the sun behind me.

* This question was in the middle of a recent letter to the editor:

What happened to all the money the city-owned utility was going to make when they sold all of the “excess” power generated in the brand new power plant we have at Lake Springfield?

The short and simple answer: Ineptitude. As much as we like to look for big lies or conspiracies coming from city hall, I believe this was a case of the city not taking into consideration what would happen if the market flopped and wouldn't support the power plant. Obviously. But, here's the kicker: With the two recent rate increases, and an inevitable third one in the near future, the ratepayers are stuck pouring money into it that we will never get back. And that's just the beginning. What's going to be really hard is when the plant has to be shut down and the city taxpayers will be stuck paying for it, in addition to buying electricity from another power company. That's just my opinion. I'm willing to be proven wrong.

* More evidence that Cuba has all the good cars.

* The Paddock was a tavern of some repute. What kind of repute, I'm not sure since I was too young to go there at the time. Anyway, one day, while looking for anything I might pilfer for school supplies from my dad's desk, I stumbled upon a pencil with advertising on it for the Paddock. I remember it like it was just yesterday.... The pencil, a smooth round medium number 2, had on it the slogan "The Paddock, where your mink coat is being made while you drink," and a graphic of two minks doing it. Perfect! Just what I needed for fifth grade math class. The Paddock has long since gone out of business. In it's place now is a tavern called Scandals. We don't go there, either, even in our old age.

* Yes, we do have mink in Springfield. Is that not the cutest thing.

* Fear Inside Prairie Hollow Gorge Part 1: "I was in too deep before I realized I was in too deep...."

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