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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday happenings


This morning.


This evening. That patch of blue across the middle was a sign of nothing.


It was a hellacious night of weather. There was a tornado warning just south of Springfield. Not sure, yet, if anything came of it. For now, all is quiet.


Illinois Statehouse just after dusk.

* Inside the house chamber. Beautiful.

* The spring legislative session ended right on time tonight. The three most notable things:

  1. The Illinois House did not call the gay marriage bill for a vote.
  2. Concealed carry compromise clears both chambers, and now goes to the governor. As noted in the comments to that article, it's anybody's guess if he will sign it, veto it, or amend it, all of which are his right.
  3. And for what seems like the umpteenth year in a row (but it's only two years), they failed to fix the massively huge public pension funding problems.

* I'm not sure who said this: "I think that the taxpayers are going to be disgusted with us," for failing to solve pensions #twill, but this taxpayer says, not really. We would be more disgusted if you passed something that would spend time, energy and money on a year or more of court cases, only to get overturned and sent back to square one. And that is what you were destined to do. No one has the guts to say it's going to take a tax increase to fix public pensions they right way. I've said this before, and no one told me I was wrong.

* CWLP makes five-year deal to sell coal byproduct:

Beneficial Reuse Management of Chicago just announced the agreement for use of gypsum produced at the CWLP plant. The resulting agricultural product, GYPSOIL, is used to improve cropland consistency and nutrients, according to the company announcement.
“GYPSOIL creates a softer, more manageable soil profile over time,” Beneficial Reuse Management agronomist Ron Chamberlain said in the announcement.

Never having heard of Gypsoil before, I googled it. There are only about 3,500 web pages that mention it, all of which appear to be from the industry, and no wiki page. Question: How do you go from "gypsum produced" at the plant to "resulting agricultural product?" I'm not saying it's a bad thing. How would I know? I'm just curious.

* A Black Mound of Canadian Oil Waste Is Rising Over Detroit.

* Read this: The new farm bill is an economic disaster.

* Nice car.

* Pass the Larry the Cable Guy Tater Salad Tater Chips.

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