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Friday, June 07, 2013

Much too crowded



New moon.


No moon.

* New York Times: While handing over data in response to a legitimate FISA request is a legal requirement, making it easier for the government to get the information is not, which is why Twitter could decline to do so.

* Barack Obama: “Nobody is listening to your telephone calls.” They're just collecting our metadata.

* EFF: Why Metadata Matters.

* Grass carp caught in cow pasture.

* One of the questions on the 22 maps everyone is talking about: "What is your 'general' term for a big road that you drive relatively fast on?" To which they answered "highway" or "freeway." They missed "expressway."

* On the expressway to your heart. The expressway is not the best way.

Posted by Marie at June 7, 2013 11:08 PM