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Friday, June 21, 2013

Gin-soaked barroom queen in Memphis


Tonight's sunset.


A previously undetected water source. I'm thinking about going back over there right now just to stand in it barefooted.

* Bonuses are a great way to reward employees for many things, not the least of which, profits, going above and beyond what's necessary to get the job done, and probably a few other things I never thought of. But, I'm always taken a little aback when I hear about government employees getting bonuses: Taxgirl: Defying Directive, IRS Set To Pay Out $70 Million In Employee Bonuses. According to the article, these bonuses are being paid as part of a negotiated contract. But, shouldn't we be paying our hard working public servants what they're worth throughout the year? Otherwise, if they're no longer employed there on bonus day, through no fault of their own, they lose out? That is not right.

* My song (one of 'em): Honky Tonk Women. (Where several people had to be dragged off stage. Because barefooted Mick.)

Posted by Marie at June 21, 2013 9:59 PM