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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Throwing shadows


Tonight's storm front. But, no storm came through.


St. John's Hospital.

* This article deserves to be two articles: Report answers questions about local soldier's death.

First, and most importantly, rest in peace, Sgt. Wyrick.

And then this:

Friendly fire deaths are common in combat, though the Defense Department has not yet released an official accounting of fratricides in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Pentagon in 2009 released reports to the Internet magazine Salon that just 0.78 percent of Iraq casualties and 1.24 percent of Afghanistan casualties were caused by friendly fire.
That’s far below Army studies showing that friendly fire likely caused up to 16 percent of fatal casualties in World War II, 7 percent in the Korean War, 14 percent in Vietnam and 24 percent in the Gulf War.

* Revealed! Why the IRS is Targeting Open Source Software Groups.

* Amazing job Blackhawks, and congratulations Chicago!

* Running south on Lake Shore Drive.

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