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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hear the hissing



* Read with an open mind: Why the right hates Detroit | How the fates of two great cities, Detroit and New Orleans, symbolize what's gone wrong with America

* 3rd Chicago Airport Takes Another Step “Forward”

* Sole buyer in state vendor program says business is good:

In late 2011, the state set up a program to help businesses and other vendors caught up in the government’s chronic late payment of bills.
Called the Vendor Payment Program, it allows qualified contractors and nonprofit organizations to quickly get most of the money they are owed by the state, and all of it eventually. Money is paid to the vendors by a private firm that is then entitled to whatever penalty payments are owed by the state, as well as the amount originally owed to the vendor.
Nearly two years into the initiative, though, only one private firm has been certified by the state to buy the vendor invoices — Chicago-based Vendor Assistance Program LLC.

Reading this article, I can't help but wonder, who thought up this business?

* Butterflies down, but not out.

* Sunset kayak timelapse.

* Of summer lawns.

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