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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The drinks have all run out


Tonight's sunset.

* Miles of fishing line collected so far.

* Bow fishing below Barkley Dam.

* We first found out about bowfishing back in 2003. As improbable as it seems, someone has taken bowfishing up a notch, a/k/a made it even more difficult. We now have slingshot bow fishing. And, it's been made legal in Illinois:

“That was an interesting set of hearings,” Miller said. “But we asked for this so you will be able to use it to shoot invasive carp. But we asked that it only be used for bowfishing. There are questions about its ability to effectively and ethically take an animal.”
A slingbow essentially is a large slingshot that has enough pull to have an arrow rest incorporated.
Miller said he saw one demonstrated during the Illinois State Fair. “It’s not exactly easy, but it can be done.” The bill is effective immediately.

Here's a guy who has fashioned his slingshot gun, a/k/a steel balls, out of everything but the kitchen sink. And, here's a kid who made a much different sling fishing bow. Notice neither one is being demonstrated on the water.

As someone whose preferred method is sitting on a dock, with a cane pole and bucket of minnows, we ain't fishing if the fishing ain't easy.

* Goes good with Budweiser. Thanks, Allie!

* I've been following the river, 'til it joins hands with the sea

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