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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Your mother who neglected you



* How much of this is capitalism: 26 Years of Growth: Shanghai Then and Now

* We need to be talking about this, right now: Everything you know about immigration is wrong

* They left in droves: Who gives up their U.S. citizenship, why and where do they go?

For the second quarter of 2013, the expatriation list includes a whopping 1,130 names. That’s nearly twice the length of last quarter’s list and just shy of the record 1,208 names recorded during the second quarter of 1997. In contrast, the shortest list was published in the second quarter of 2009: just 15 names made the list.

As noted in the article, most people give up their citizenship to avoid paying our taxes. Although, one person moved to the U.K., which, I'm pretty sure, has a higher tax rate than us. And, another person was required to part ways with his citizenship in order to sit on Israel's parliament.

But, why else? For love? Possibly. I knew someone who went to Mexico about 28 years ago to help with the earthquake relief effort, fell in love, got married, had a family, and is still there, living happily ever after. I assume she eventually gave up her U.S. citizenship. Not sure.

Two people on the list are named Carnes. Where did you go and why?

Maybe some people became U.S. citizens, decided they didn't like it so much, and gave it up to go back home. That's wild speculation, but possible. It also leaves open the question, who amongst them hates this country so much as to renounce his citizenship? That is a scary proposition.

I don't know the answer. What I do know is I would never give up my citizenship for anything. But that's me. Not even if I owed a billion dollars tax, if I happened to ever be in that enviable position.

* Owes a million dollars tax
And your father's still perfecting ways of making sealing wax.
You better stop, look around
Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes
Here comes your nilne-teenth nervous breakdown.

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