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Thursday, September 12, 2013

All day long


Within about five minutes of getting to the office this morning, I encountered this spider, a roly poly type thing, and a mosquito (a mosquito!). Guess which one I killed, which one I scooted into the plants outside my door, and which one I let stay.

* I managed to watch about 20 minutes of Charlie Rose's interview of Bashar al-Assad the other night. I kept thinking he looks and sounds like the kid in 7th grade, who was the best in class at math, but stood along the wall by himself during gym class hoping the teacher wouldn't notice him. And I kept having to remind myself he is a lying, ruthless, murderer of his own people, who would probably push his own mother into a fire pit to save himself.

* I managed to watch about a half hour of The Presidents' Gatekeepers tonight. My impression: These are a bunch power-hungry, ego maniacal white men, who think they are smarter than the president they served, and they get a lot of glee out of being able to push their bosses around. Also, they're not about to tell us what was really going on.

* September 15, 1963: "The Beatles headline the show at London's Royal Albert Hall. Also performing are The Rolling Stones; it is the only time the two bands played on the same bill."

* I'm walkin' 'cause I couldn't get my car started.......

Posted by Marie at September 12, 2013 8:22 PM