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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

She told me what to say


I got out there to get this at 6:40 this morning, so you didn't have to.

* Tuesday, September 17, 1963: 'The Fugitive'

The ABC show premieres with David Janssen starring as Dr. Richard Kimble, wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife. The series follows Kimble as he searches for the one-armed man who he believes killed his wife while at the same trying to stay one step ahead of police Lt. Philip Gerard (Barry Morse). The show would run through August 1967; at the time of its airing, the second episode in the two-part finale was the highest-rated show in the history of television.

I think we watched pretty much every episode of this show's four year run. It was a major topic of discussion in our house.

* 200 state bridges in need of overhaul.

* Bridge Collapse Wrecks Train Near Seville (Updated 4x). Wow! (Noting that this is a privately owned bridge, unlike the bridges in the prior link.)

* Speaking of dangerous contraptions: 11 Playground Essentials They Don't Make Like They Used To.

* Beautiful food photography tips.

* Would you hitchhike from Benton to West Frankfort in Southern Illinois, with your sister, who told her friends you were in "a band," just to get your record played on the radio? George Harrison did. This Saturday has officially been declared George Harrison Day in Illinois.

* She loves you.

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