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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So mystifyingly glad


Today's sunrise.


* NPR interviews AM radio legend and hitmaker, Dick Biondi, who has been on the radio for 50 plus years:

AM radio used to be the main stage of this medium, and great AM deejays spinning rock 'n' roll were national celebrities: Alan Freed in Cleveland, Casey Kasem in Los Angeles, Wolfman Jack just across the border in Mexico, who told listeners: Now lay your hands on the radio and squeeze my knobs. Not exactly how Robert Siegel would say it, now is it?
But these days, AM radio is the staticky, less-listened-to slice of the dial and has mostly dropped music for talk radio. There are even calls to get rid of AM and use the bandwidth for more FM stations, mobile phones or wireless devices. Let's turn now to a man who may have worked at more AM and FM stations than any other member of the Radio Hall of Fame, Dick Biondi, who has worked for 28 stations since the early l950's, from New York to Chicago to L.A. to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and who has, according to legend, been fired 25 times.

And he's still on the radio. Give the interview a listen.

* I'm Mr. Dieingly Sad.

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