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Monday, October 07, 2013

Just Monday


Eye in the sky. North Fourth Street at dusk. Sorry for the lack of detail. I was afraid to get too close.

* From one of the best car stories you may ever read:

When we went to get the car, the owner gave me a doubtful look. “You sure you can drive a stick shift?” he asked. “I grew up in England,” I told him. “I learned to drive on a stick shift.” I didn’t mention that I normally shifted gears with my left hand, while driving on the left side of the road. Nor did I feel inclined to say that I was using an international license, as I had never taken a US driving test.
Soon we were cruising west on Interstate 80. The gearshift turned out to be almost irrelevant. The engine delivered so much torque, you could burn rubber in almost any gear. You certainly didn’t need to downshift to overtake other vehicles. Just hit the gas, and the car seemed to be saying, “Yay, it’s party time! Leave this to me!” The brakes were inadequate, but that just added to the excitement.

Auto-Biography: Olds 442 Trans Am Party Time [Thanks, Seth, made my day.]

* Rocket 88 Boogie (sorry, kids, no words with this one).

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