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Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Friday



Sunset from a couple nights ago.

* From a recent study:

Ill. otters exposed to long-banned chemicals
Researchers focused on otters because they're at the top of the aquatic food chain and a good species to monitor to see what other aquatic life is being exposed to, said Nohra Mateus-Pinilla, a wildlife epidemiologist and the principal study investigator.
River otters were hunted and trapped almost to extinction in the state. Fewer than 100 were in Illinois in 1989, according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. A 1990s reintroduction program has pushed their numbers back up as high as 15,000.
Aldrin was once applied to crops, particularly corn, in large quantities across the Midwest. The United States banned its use in 1987 because of harmful effects on humans and wildlife.

From 1987 to now for Aldrin. And from the 1970s to now for PCBs. Assuming these chemicals are no longer being used, and we have no reason to believe they are, it appears they ain't leaving our environment anytime soon.

* Data hackers are watching you | Software inside your smartphone can follow you:

But there is a second kind of data company of which most people are unaware: high-tech outfits that simply help themselves to our information in order to allow U.S. government agencies to dig into our past and present. Some of this is legal, since most of us have signed away the rights to our own information on digital forms that few ever bother to read, but much of it is, to put the matter politely, questionable.

Um, I hate to be the one to bring this up, but, if these app developers are selling our data to advertisers and the U.S. government, who's to say that data isn't somehow falling into the hands of the really, really bad people? I tried 4 Square for a couple days, once. And, I had my tweet location turned on for Twitter for a while, but turned it off. And, I decided from day one that my Android will never meet Facebook. Not that any of these precautions will keep my data or location secret, but why give them more to work with?

* Family man.

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