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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let me get this straight



* A miserable situation for all involved:

IHSA: Rochester football team must forfeit win over SHG
Rochester High School’s football team will forfeit its Sept. 6 win over Sacred Heart-Griffin after the Illinois High School Association ruled Saturday that three players who improperly received 2012 Class 4A state championship rings were ineligible for violating an IHSA bylaw.
The players, who have not been named, were ruled by the IHSA to have been ineligible for the first eight games of the season. The three players and head coach Derek Leonard sat out Friday’s 49-24 win over Jacksonville in the ninth and final regular-season game.


A news release Friday from the Rochester School District said an internal audit and investigation found that Football Moms, a non-school-sanctioned organization, paid for state championship rings for the three players. The amount per ring of $457 exceeded the $200-per-ring contribution limit allowed under IHSA bylaw 3.080, which deals with a player’s amateur status.

It's not just about a forfeiture:

“When the IHSA releases the football playoff pairings (Saturday), Rochester will be seeded based upon an 8-1 record and Sacred Heart Griffin a 9-0 record,” the IHSA press release said.
The IHSA ruled that the SHG game was the only one to be forfeited because it was the sole Rochester victory where the point margin was small enough for the participation of ineligible players to make a direct impact on the outcome.

* My mom used to tell me the story of the time when I was a little baby and I got very sick one night. Late that night, she called my doctor, who, over the phone, diagnosed pneumonia. The doctor phoned in some medicine and a vaporizer to the pharmacist. The pharmacist went to his shop, picked up the stuff, and delivered it to our house. In the middle of the night (in case I didn't mention that already) (Disclaimer: I may be mixing up a couple different stories here. The memory fades with time.)

> Rest in peace, Dr. Ann. She was my baby doctor (that's what we called 'em back then). And then after we moved back to Springfield, my daughters' doctor. She will never be forgotten.

* You put the lime in the coconut, you called your doctor, woke him up. And said, doctor, ain't there nothing I can take?

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