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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I bid farewell



This morning's fog.


Late this afternoon on Tenth Street.

* Fighting a killer: How Nome built a safety net for drunks:

NOME -- So many people died outdoors or vanished here that the FBI searched for signs of a serial killer. Hollywood made a movie blaming space aliens.
The truth, federal investigators concluded, was simple and sad. People were coming to Nome and drinking too much, sometimes freezing to death in the wind and cold or disappearing in the waves. Most were men. Most were Alaska Native.
In the past decade, however, something has changed in the drinking capital of the Seward Peninsula. Once labeled the boneyard of the Bering Strait region, no one has died outdoors after a winter binge since 2010, according to local police.

* Autumn around the world 2013,

* To ol' Kentucky. The place where I was born and raised....

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