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Friday, November 01, 2013

It takes all my will


Tonight's sunset.

* One Day in Your Life: November 1, 1983.

* I remember that time, if not the exact day, very well, like it was just yesterday....

During the week before, the United States invaded the nation of Grenada. And I recall telling myself that I must always remember that huge event as a marker of where we were on the calendar of those times.

I was living in a very cozy two-bedroom basement apartment, with very uneven floors, in Chicago with a one week old baby. The front door, which was actually a side door, was solid oak and was only as high as my shoulders. The backdoor, which led into the rest of the basement, was also solid oak. It was hung level with the walls, but due to the aforesaid unevenness of the floor, had about a two inch gap between the floor and the bottom of the door on one side. And it wouldn't close, if not for the rusty iron hook and eye.

It was not the most ideal of conditions. But that was okay, because we had two full-time guardians. One was a very large Doberman named George, who belonged to the people upstairs, but instinctively took it upon himself to look after me and my baby. Ain't nobody going to bother you when George is nearby.

The other was a tiny ten year old mini-me, who also took it upon herself to look after us, but especially the baby. She also belonged to the people upstairs. She'd put the baby in an antique wooden doll buggy with wobbly wooden wheels and run her up and down the length of that house.

Thanks to a wonderful boss, I had a great job waiting for me whenever I wanted to come back. But most of all, I had some amazing friends who made sure, despite my worst efforts, that I held it all together. It was a very good time on the calendar of my life.

* And then suddenly, last summer....

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