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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday out


* The problem with de-legitimizing a legitimate business by banning it, is the business will come back and sue you. And win. We've had it happen in Springfield before. This letter writer hasn't learned that lesson: Ban drive-up liquor windows.

* Representative Scherer Votes Against Marriage Equality. Begs for Primary Challenge.

* "Campaigns are less successful at persuading undecided voters than they are at encouraging their own partisans to grow more fierce."

* The earth shook. But how? Why?

It wasn't an earthquake, said geophysicists at the USGS, who noted that the shock wave signature recorded by their instruments was typical of a quarry blast.
It wasn't the blast, said officials from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which found that data at the site showed the blast and subsequent tremor were separate events.

* Drought playing havoc with city's trees.

* Nice house.

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