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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

But the cardboard filled windows




A week ago.


Most of the leaves have fallen. We've had the first snow. We search for a pair of socks that match. We settle for any two socks of similar shape and shade. As often happens at this time of year, we leave our coat at work. We've entered the winter of our nights.


I don't know how this orange moon happened, but I like it.

* Dateline Lincoln, Illinois; could be Anytown, USA:

I got off the train from Chicago and immediately saw that the old depot building — where we used to go for fancy dinners before prom — was boarded shut. A little monument commemorating the day Abraham Lincoln named the town in 1853 was faded and peeling. There was a man asleep on a bench at the train stop. He looked like he'd been there for days.
Reinventing The Dwindling Middle Class May Take A Revolution, By Kelly McEvers

* Impressive: Freestyle Finger Snapping.

* Aww.

* And old men on the benches. Tell you now that the whole town is empty....

Posted by Marie at November 12, 2013 8:45 PM