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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My eyes have seen the years


Today's sunrise.


A little later, facing the other way. Moon, too.

* My parents let me do pretty much anything I wanted to do. All I had to do was ask. So, I was completely stunned one Saturday night in, I think, my junior year of high school, when I asked to go to the movies with a friend and they said no. Being the terrible child I was, I threw a fit. And and I mean a fit of major proportions. I kept it up until they finally relented and let me go.

It wasn't just any movie, though. It was The Exorcist. I had no idea what an exorcism was. We weren't Catholic. And our religion didn't delve into things like that. But, I was (and still am) on rock solid footing with my religion and my belief in God, so I didn't see a problem. As if.

Less than halfway through the show, I became very disturbed. I leaned over and told my friend I was going to wait out the rest of the movie in the lobby. There were a few other people out there waiting for whoever they went to the movie with, too.

When the movie finally ended, and I caught up with my friend, I was very concerned for her. How could she sit there through that. How could she handle those images and the meaning of it all. Even if it was just a movie. She was fine and she thought I was weird because I was so affected.

And affected I was. It was late when I got home and my parents were already asleep. I turned all the lights on in the house (except their room, of course). I was so upset, I couldn't even consider going to bed. I went to my parents' room and whispered into the darkness, dad, I need to talk to you. Mom? No response. But I think my dad really was awake.

Finally, in a state of anxiety, I went to my room and vaulted from the door, across space, and onto my bed. Fully clothed, and with my shoes still on (just in case), I turned on the radio and wrapped myself in the covers and tried to go to sleep. A couple hours later, sleep finally came.

* Today, in Springfield, with the spinning of heads and writhing and screaming, but only in their minds, an exorcism was conducted.

* Today, in Illinois, the governor signed the marriage equality bill into law:

To underscore the fight for equality, Quinn signed the bill on a desk used by Abraham Lincoln while writing an inaugural address.
“President Abraham Lincoln of Illinois said our nation was conceived in liberty, and he said it’s dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” Quinn said. “And that’s really what we’re celebrating today, it’s a triumph of Democracy, a triumph of government of the people — that we believe in liberty and equality, and we’re making sure that’s part of our law.”

I believe that history will prove that we are and will be better for it.

* And the slow parade of fears........

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