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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Live this life of luxury




* The City of Necessity is a 22 minute look at Chicago in 1961. And, dare I say, it seems to be a bit of an anti-urban propaganda piece. One of the film's early points was, "within the decade the nation would be 75% urbanized." Did that happen? I don't know.

Added: According to Wikipedia, America "is very urbanized, with 82% residing in cities and suburbs as of 2008 (the worldwide urban rate is 50.5%). Much of the country is nearly uninhabited."

* 'Tis the season: Nativity scene returns to rotunda. Also, a nine foot tall menorah, the First Amendment, and a winter solstice exhibit. Standing by for Festivus.

* Photo essay on the stringing of the Christmas lights from the Capitol dome. If you're easily subject to a little vertigo, be sure to be sitting down with your feet firmly planted on the floor before looking at this. Yeow! And, beautiful.

* Photos: Raising the flag over the dome in 1942.

* Lazing on a sunny afternoon........

Posted by Marie at November 24, 2013 7:18 PM