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Monday, December 02, 2013

It's lovely weather


Jefferson Street. I think this was a car dealership until about the early 1960s.





Shorts and sandals weather. In December. In the Midwest. It's what's ahead that we dread.

* Here's Why Both Parties Lie All The Time About Health Care.

* State of pay | The wide diversity in the size and salary of America’s state legislatures. (Thanks, Dan.)

* For sale. Needs air in the right front tire. (Thanks, Allie.)

* “Isn’t There Anyone Who Knows What Christmas Is All About?

So when CBS executives first saw A Charlie Brown Christmas, it wasn’t what they were expecting, and they didn’t like it. Not enough jokes, no laugh track, too slow-moving, too religious. It can be argued that the program isn’t really a kids’ show at all—but whatever it was, network executives saw it as that most deadly of things, then and now: a thoughtful television program. But they put it on anyway, and despite their doubts, it was a hit.

* For a sleigh ride together with you... (At the end of this album, which I only have bits and pieces of on MP3, over the soft music of Silent Night, you hear the spoken word voice of the producer, Phil Spector, a Jewish kid from the Bronx, I think, sincerely thanking everyone on the album and the fans, and going on to say how much Christmas meant to him when he was growing up in the neighborhood. It's so sincere and sweet and I believe him.)

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