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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday is done


A couple sunrises ago.


Temperatures this morning.


Temperature this afternoon.

* 25 Years Later, PACER, Electronic Filing Continue to Change Courts. Illinois could take a lesson from this.

* It was a very cold Saturday in January in about 1980, I think, when I found myself alone in Washington, D.C. I had several hours before my flight back to Chicago. So, I checked out of my hotel, but not before finishing off the Bloody Mary mix in the mini-fridge, and did what all out-of-towners do with time to kill in the District: I went sight-seeing.

I really wanted to go to the White House to see if I could check in, but I heard the people's house wasn't taking lodgers that day. So, I sauntered over to the Impressionist Wing of the Smithsonian. The art was magnificent, but, except for me, the place was deader than a doornail.

I then hot-footed it over to the National Air and Space Museum, where I marveled at the planes suspended by thin wires from the ceiling. I had every intention of wandering around the Lincoln Memorial, but the museum was about to start a movie in the IMAX theater. The place was pretty packed, but I found a seat. And, oh, what a marvelous seat it was. About the time they turned down the lights, wouldn't you just know it, I fell asleep in that seat.

A few hours later, after sleeping through several shows, a guard gently jostled my shoulder and ordered me the hell out.

* United States Air Force breaks into song at the National Air and Space Museum. So beautiful.

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